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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page lists questions I get asked way too often.

These questions were originally on my official blog, but here they've been heavily modified to make them up to date.

Why can I not download a file/need permission?

There are some issues when it comes to download links hosted on Google Drive, where they require permission from the uploader. If this is the case, you can either request permission (which is not a prefered option, because it may take several days for me to respond) or use the link listed in my channel description, which contains all downloadable files. You can also find download links on this website. If Google Drive link doesn't work for you, please use a mirror link.

Why is your channel called mmaal (markustegelane)?

The original translation from my language would be TheMarkusPerson or TheMarkusCharacter. Originally the English name was TheMarkusGuy, but I changed it to mmaal to match my other profiles (it's a shortened version of my first and last name). The Estonian name is in paranthesis, because on YouTube, the original name is shown in places like comments and I am trying to avoid confusion.

When does the new video come out?

Asking this will make the video release date delay by one day. So don't ask this question.

What is going on with your channel design?

Channel logos consist of four main parts:

  1. Color. My main channel is blue, because it is worlds most favority color, atleast according to the statistics. My extra video channel is red with medium purple gradient. That is, because red is closer to you, the viewer and purple is modern and new.
  2. The shape. All channels use a diamond shape with a glow effect. The reason for this is an internal channel secret and will not be revealed until I recieve 1000 subscribers.
  3. The decoration inside the diamond shape. For the main channel, it can be interpreted in 2 ways. First interpretation is the command line caret cursor symbol that blinks. Second interpretation is the home folder on Linux systems (e.g. ~/.config would point to .config folder on your home folder). On the second (extra) channel, it's an X symbol. The X symbol highlights the X part of the channel name, which is short for "extra". It also turns into a + symbol, if rotated 45 degrees. On the development channel, it's a hash symbol, which symbolises a common symbol in programming (in Python, for example, this symbol is used for comments).
  4. The text. For main and second channel, they have added noise and a glow effect. The meaning behind this is also an internal secret and will not be revealed until I reach 1000 subscribers. On the development channel, there is nothing special about the text.

Why do I see you as MarkusTegelane?

Your YouTube language is probably not a variation of English.

What happened with the Markus Maal channel?

Old content has been moved to "mmaal (markustegelane)" channel. I plan making it an ultimate info path for all of my channels (that includes all mmaal/markustegelane channels, Markus's stuff and Press any key to continue...).

What happened with your Markus Maal 14/15 blog?

You can still find it through Google, but you cannot see any posts, only thing you see is commemoration message. However, I also plan to remove that and redirect future visits to

Why your channel doesn't exist on some social networks (Facebook)?

My channel existed on Facebook as a page for quite some time, but I didn't have anything to post there. However, my channel does exist on Twitter.

Who disliked my video?

Not me.