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Big changes coming to my YouTube channels

2023-09-18 18:23:31 UTC+0

You may have noticed that I haven't posted any new videos throughout the last couple of months to MarkusTegelane, MarkusTegelane+ and Markus' stuff channels. That is because I haven't had a desire to make any new content to these channels. The motivation has been gone for various reasons, but two more important reasons are lower view counts and the fact that I haven't been satisfied with the quality of the past videos I've posted on my channels.

Due to this, I am planning to make significant changes to all of the three main YouTube chanenls I manage - MarkusTegelane, MarkusTegelane+ and Markus' stuff. After these changes, the quality of the videos should become consistent and thus improve. One change for MarkusTegelane and MarkusTegelane+ may be a large channel name and overall branding change. It's also possible that a huge chunk of the videos, which are currently public, may become unlisted and/or private. I am also planning to delete the entirety of the Markus' stuff channel next year (2024), before this, an announcement in the form a video and community post will be posted.

You may ask - what? why? when?

First, what specific changes I'm going to be making? That part is in the process of being figured out and is classified.

Second, I already answered the "why?" part - because I want to find new motivation for making new content to these channels.

Third, when will I make these changes? The answer is short and concrete - at the latest on January 2024, an earlier time isn't out of the question. For the three main channels, I will NOT POST any new videos before this time, the only exception may be the 10th anniversary video for MarkusTegelane (it's not out of the question that it might become the last MarkusTegelane video ever).


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