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Creating a moderator account

If you want to become a content moderator, you have to do the following:

  1. Contact an administrator under the "Feedback" page and send the following details
    • Your social media profile names (for background check)
    • Alternate ways to contact you (e.g. an e-mail address), in case you forget your password
    • Reason(s), why you want to be a moderator
    • Previous experience as a moderator
    • Your activity on my YouTube channel, e.g. which channels you watch, which channels you've subscribed to, do you watch live streams, do you comment
    • Time of day you are able to moderate
  2. Wait until I respond to your message. Keep logging in using the same details from the feedback page using the exact same details until you see my reply.
  3. Copy the verification code in the reply
  4. Open the settings menu (button you see in the bottom left of your screen)
  5. Click "Log in" under the management account section
  6. Enter a username, which is usually the one, you used to post the comment under feedback
  7. Leave the password field empty
  8. Click "Log in"
  9. If you can't log in, contact the administrator
  10. You'll see three text fields
  11. Into the first field, enter the verification code, which you copied earlier
  12. Into the second and third fields, enter a password, which you use to log in in the future
  13. Click "Submit"
  14. Log in again, using the same username and the new password that you just set
  15. Congratulations, you are now a content moderator!
  16. If you're having problems in the future (e.g. you forgot the password), contact the administrator under feedback
Open "Feedback"