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Difficulty level:

Game window size:


How to play?

The game is open in a movable window. The window header consists of the name of the game, mine count (left segment display), reset button (face), time elapsed (right segment display). Click on the fast to start a new game with current settings. The rest of the window consists of a grid. The time starts, if you click on the first square. In order to move the game window, you need a mouse or a touchpad.

Sweeping mines

The goal of this game is to click every square, which doesn't have a mine. The first square, that you click on, is always safe. The numbers on each square show how many mines are on neighbouring squares. It's possible that you have to click random squares at the beginning, before you can use any strategies. If you are sure, that a specific square is actually a mine, you can right click to flag it. After flagging the square, the number on the left segment display decreases and you won't be able to click on the square anymore (unless right click it again to unflag it).

Game modes

You can change the game mode with a designated dropdown menu. Wrapsweeper has the following game modes:


If you lose, all squares will be open and all mine locations will be displayed. Correctly flagged mines will turn green. Incorrectly flagged mines will stay red. Unassigned mines stay black. If you lose, the smile will turn into a sad face and the eyes will be replaced by crosses (which means you stepped on a mine). The right segment display will be frozen. To try again, you can click on the sad face.


If you win, all squares will be open and sunglasses will appear in front of the smile. All marked mines will turn green. To start a new game, click on the face with sunglasses.

Changing the difficulty level

If you think that you are skilled enough, you can choose a higher difficulty level. You can choose the difficulty with a designated dropdown list. Difficulty levels are as follows:

Note: If the window is too big or too small, you can adjust the size with a designated slider.