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17th November 2019

  • We removed experimental features section from the home page
  • Added games section to the homepage
  • New game: Ggame
  • Channel database can now be downloaded from the homepage

30th July 2019

  • Theme improvements
  • We removed images and subscribe buttons from the channel list to speed up page load time
  • Latest videos list is now displayed as a table, where each row contains a single channel

29th July 2019

  • Transitioning to major version 4.0 Element
  • New theme: Element
  • Bug fix: In about section, when using Estonian as the language, the Markus' software js logo showed white text on white background.
  • New logo: Reflects what content I make in my channel
  • Navigation bar improvements: Now in the center of the screen
  • It is now easier to add links to the navigation bar
  • Adding themes in the settings is now also easier
  • New icon

22nd July 2019

  • Random video in Feeling lucky? section
  • Random video links in links section
  • Changelog now also contains the latest update

9th July 2019

  • Original blue theme now in the settings menu
  • New changelog page showing previous updates

4th June 2019

  • Settings menu
  • Set custom themes
  • Logos on the about screen

3rd June 2019

  • Titles for different pages are now consistent
  • About page updates
  • Homepage updates
  • Last update date in What's new section
  • Bug fixes

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