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13th May 2024

  • Show a user friendly error message if document is blocked from loading in new user interface (
  • Dark theme on admin view

25th April 2024

  • Fixed broken video thumbnails

24th April 2024

  • Upgraded to PHP 8.3

26th February 2024

  • A version of this website with unsecure connection -

18th February 2024

  • Removed remaining #markusTegelane branding from website
  • Changelog management on admin page

14th February 2024

  • Cleaner HTML reports in channel database
  • Bug fixes in channel database

13th February 2024

  • Removed management pages for Markus' stuff versions and channel database (replaced by admin page)
  • Fixed broken favicon in Markus' stuff versions
  • Error management in channel database
  • Apply button on the filters dialog in channel database
  • Website builder implemented
  • Changed database access password

10th February 2024

  • Changed favicon for dev page
  • Auto-deply of the website available

7th February 2024

  • MarkusTegelane++ branding on the dev page

30th January 2024

  • Certain links on old websites are now redirected

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