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8th October 2021

  • Markus' stuff versions page now supports adding versions without a verification code (manager account required)

1st August 2021

  • Updated and added more links to the other links section
  • Profile links updated with up to date information

28th July 2021

  • Bug fix in the blog posts page
  • Minor updates in the "About" page
  • Fixed a bug in the "Wrapsweeper" game, where the window title appeared black when light theme was used
  • Frequently asked questions page updated with up to date information
  • Updates in section "What is this web page?"
  • Added archived blog links

15th July 2021

  • Ability to select year in the changelog
  • Adding channels through channel gallery in channel database
  • Changelog now uses databases
  • Channel gallery in channel database

7th June 2021

  • New game: "Wrapsweepe"
  • Smoother movement in "Crazygame"

1st June 2021

  • New game: "Infinity"
  • Changes in the design of the game selection page
  • Bug fixes in the change log

26th May 2021

  • Updates and bugfixes in "crazygame"
  • New level pack in "crazygame"

20th May 2021

12th May 2021

  • Mobile mode (applied automatically)
  • Other minor improvement and bug fixes

9th May 2021

  • New design for mmaal x (markustegelane x) page, which replaces TheMarkusGuy+ page
  • Channel MarkusTegelane+ renamed in the channel database (now markustegelane x)
  • Modifications in the code, so that the website works with the new channel name
  • Bug fix, which allowed this web site to work again

14th March 2021

  • Favorites icon readded
  • Added titles to pages that were missing them
  • Bug fixes

9th March 2021

  • Updates to the frequently asked questions page

3rd March 2021

  • Fixed a minor bug where the title of the downloadable file would disappear when viewing the page in English

1st March 2021

  • Bug fixes

27th February 2021

  • Major version update 6.1
  • Improved comment system - comments can now be added under any post and under downloadable files
  • Private messages to website administrators
  • Improved themes: Light and Dark
  • Brand new theme: Blue
  • You can now sign up as a web site moderator
  • You can now reply to and leave a rating (like or dislike) to comments
  • Archived comments in channels' database
  • Tab key shortcuts for people who can't use a computer mouse
  • New interfaces to add or remove users (for administrator)
  • Trustable comments now marked with a colored background (to differenciate anonymous comments from registered user comments)
  • Magic cookie to enter the website in an experimental state

23rd February 2021

  • The login page now redirects the user after a successful login to the source page where to login was requested
  • MySQL console (requires logging in with an owner account)
  • Download links did not work on February 22nd due to rebuilding of databases. Now they should work again.

22nd February 2021

  • On the web based version of channel database, there is now an ideabox
  • Content updater updates (only visible to the owner of this website)

19th February 2021

  • Fixed dates on two changes on the changelog
  • Updated copyright years on Markus' stuff page (previously 2010-2020, now 2010-2021)
  • Minor bug fixes

18th February 2021

  • Channel database web version is now publically available

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