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17th December 2020

  • Tweaked live stream notification so that it could be visible days before the live stream actually begins

13th December 2020

  • Major version update 6.0
  • An update page is displayed when website is being upgraded to a newer version (in previous versions, the website just became broken for some time). It is still possible to see the website in the experimental state.
  • New videos page no longer relies on Google APIs
  • Markus' stuff versions (only available in Estonian)
  • New downloads
  • Random page button next to the settings panel button
  • Updated error and status messages
  • Major theming and layout updates
  • Removed sidepanel layout, main page section now uses full available space
  • Channel database now works using MySQL databases (beta)
  • Removed the following themes due to incompatibility with the new layout:
    • Element
    • Colorful
    • Blue
    • Blue (original)
  • New theme: Light
  • Settings panel now accessible from any page at the bottom left
  • Completely new backend structure. Compatibility with older internal download links is retained.
  • URL system changed
  • Settings are now not related to the actual URL and instead rely entirely on cookies.
  • Download links and random videos are now database driven
  • Also major update to themarkusguy+ page
  • When a live event starts, a notification will be put to the homepage automatically instead of manually
  • Live events in themarkusguy page are now database driven

11th July 2020

  • Table of contents on the homepage
  • Only the latest blog posts are now shown on the homepage, more can be found on a separate page
  • Only the latest comments are now shown on the homepage, more can be found on a separate page
  • Random video for the channel Press any key to continue...
  • Updates for "Channels and links" page
  • Updates for a page that appears when adding/deleting comments
  • Comments and blog posts are now separated with a horisontal line

2nd July 2020

  • Databases are now fixed and working

28th June 2020

  • Welcome back! The website is now running again
  • DDoS protection by Cloudflare
  • Databases are not yet working, but that may change in a few days...

31st May 2020

  • Updates for the Game of Life
  • Bug fixes

29th May 2020

  • File structure change - page URLs have changed, but downloads links should be the same
  • Themes are applied on the server, which means that the web pages now load more smoothly
  • You can now apply themes to the whole site without javascript support
  • Added redirection to homepage without javascript support

28th May 2020

  • Fixed modal dialogs for element and colorful themes
  • Navigation bar is now processed in the server, meaning there is no delay before it finally appears
  • Fixed a critical XSS bug when using the ?welcome argument in the URL

27th May 2020

  • New videos are on a separate page (the change was made to avoid unneeded YouTube API calls)
  • Changelog now has a button below instead of a link
  • You can now apply themes without javascript support
  • You can use the ?welcome argument in the URL to add a greeting name without javascript
  • TheMarkusGuy+ page now updates automatically
  • Changes for the "Element" theme
  • Visual and technical fixes

24th May 2020

  • You can now comment on the website
  • Latest videos are updated automatically
  • Latest blog posts on the homepage
  • What's new? section now next to/below the page
  • Rearranged sections on the homepage
  • Notification about cookies on top

8th May 2020

  • Changes with the about page
  • Custom modal dialogs (only in the about menu at the moment)

6th May 2020

  • Homepage changes: Now it's possible to watch the website tour
  • The 'Channels' page was integrated with 'Links'
  • One new secret feature

9th April 2020

  • Updated downloads page: Downloads are now in categories and tables, where you can also now see screenshots and descriptions for each download
  • Internal download links - some files are downloaded from this website
  • Wallapapers and PowerPoints on the download page
  • Bug fixes

8th April 2020

  • Upgraded buttons in "Guess the number"
  • This website now supports HTTPS! If your connection is not secure, use this link
  • New logos on the about screen
  • Fixed broken game links in the English version of the website

7th April 2020

  • New game: J. H. Conway's Game of Life

5th April 2020

  • The website can now be used without Javascript
  • Fixed website banner
  • Ability to add/disable greetings on about and homepages
  • English homepage is now identical to Estonian homepage

4th April 2020

  • Ability to use the website without cookies
  • Complete bug fix on the about tab
  • Instructions on the cookie page to enable and disable cookies
  • Secret updates

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