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18th December 2022

  • On the channel database add, remove, and update page now contains options for video, channel and, idea
  • Channel database settings page is now a modal dialog on the same page
  • New channel database layout integrated with channel gallery and idea box

16th December 2022

  • Capital letters on the navigation bar
  • Games use their own event listeners
  • Fixed a bug, where the navigation bar was displayed in English despite the language setting
  • New game: Tetrabloxx

9th December 2022

  • Branding updates
  • Fixed a bug in the channel gallery, where it was previously not possible to display over 9 logos

4th December 2022

  • New design for the channel database

3rd December 2022

  • Updated favicons

6th November 2022

  • Fixed a bug, where in the channel and links page, the secondary channel was still mmaal x (markustegelane x)

12th October 2022

  • In the channel database icons no longer use emoji (old icons are restored, if you use legacy browser mode)

11th October 2022

  • Various bug fixes for the experimental theme
  • Added an ability to test a theme called "Ten" (this is the theme, that the settings menu, error screens, etc. use)
  • Legacy version updated. You can find it here.
  • Bug fixes on the markustegelane lite page

6th October 2022

  • Scrollable tables in the settings menu and mmaal lite CSS stylesheets
  • Updated version update screen
  • Live stream URLs on the mmaal lite page.
  • More mobile friendly and responsive page for markustegelane lite.
  • The channel mmaal x was renamed. The new name is mmaal lite (references to the channel on this website have been updated)

5th October 2022

  • Fixed SQL security issue in channel idea box and gallery
  • Changed button layout in channel gallery
  • Fixed a bug in the channel idea box, where trying to display the record instead showed an error message

1st October 2022

  • In legacy layout: more channels on the new videos sidepanel
  • Fixed a bug in the legacy layout, where the latest video panel also showed videos, which are not public
  • Channel database now works a bit better on smaller screens

25th September 2022

  • New page for existing records in the channel database
  • Channel database bug fixes
  • New add record page in the channel database
  • The legacy browser mode on the channel database is now functional

21st September 2022

  • Updated logos on the about page

19th September 2022

  • New 404 and 403 error pages
  • New MySQL console interface (only visible to the owner)
  • New interface for the settings page and other common pages
  • Classic theme option in settings

15th September 2022

  • Fixed bugs, which could have allowed any user complete access to all databases on this website
  • Fixed a bug in the channel database, where it wasn't possible to only show #mmaal (#markusTegelane) videod
  • The feedback page is now functional again and uses session variables
  • New API implementation for the download center batch file
  • Removed the word "of" from dates in the English version of the changelog
  • HTTPS is no longer required to connect to legacy domains ( and
  • Various domains of this website will no longer redirect to the new domain, but are instead mirrors of the main domain

13th September 2022

  • Automatic login function for manager accounts
  • The dev section can now be updated internally from the website

11th September 2022

  • The website administrator gets notified on an e-mail about new comments
  • Channel database bug fixes

10th September 2022

  • Live stream notifications are now also displayed on the quick access page
  • Bug fixes for the live stream notification system
  • Added certain metadata to some pages
  • The home page is now displayed better on mobile devices
  • Crazygame now works better with mobile devices
  • Transition to a new hosting provider
  • Updated channel databasse

29th July 2022

  • Bug fixes on the channel database home page

22nd July 2022

  • Secret updates

21st July 2022

  • The website now checks if a secure connection has been established before accepting post requests.
  • Removed filtering by name in channel gallery
  • Now it is possible to filter by class on the channel ideabox page
  • Layout updates in the channel database
  • Fixed a bug, where the home page displayed an error message about headers

7th June 2022

  • Fixed a bug on download pages, where comments weren't displayed correctly

3rd June 2022

  • Transitioning to major version 6.2
  • Various enhancements for the home page. Background colors now adjust to the selected theme.
  • Removed "main" menu from the menu bar, because all of these options are available on the home page
  • Instantly change boolean values in the channel database (owner only)
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for error screens
  • In case the website is under maintenance, you can only access it by logging in with the manager account
  • By default this website now uses the blue theme
  • New design for the settings menu
  • In case the website isn't displaying correctly, you'll get notified about it
  • Bug fixes for the Markus' stuff versions page
  • New layout for channel database, which also changes the color scheme with your preferred theme selection

31st May 2022

  • Cookie confirmation to new visitors removed, they are now created automatically
  • New splash page, which contains links to various parts of the website
  • Added a link to the Reddit profile

6th May 2022

  • Fixed mmaal x (markustegelane x) old layout

30th March 2022

  • Level pack "Glass" in crazygame

1st March 2022

  • Saving the name on the about page works now
  • Selecting phone and computer layouts in the settings now work properly

27th February 2022

  • Updated FAQ page
  • Updated year on the Markus' stuff page
  • It's now possible to filter to year 2022 in the changelog
  • Added specific links for the #mmaal (#markusTegelane) channel.

14th February 2022

  • On the Estonian version of the website, replaced "koodnimi" with "varjunimi" on the about page

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