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18th October 2023

  • Optional refusal of redirection (starting January 1st, all requests will be redirected to the new website)
  • Detailed overview of saved cookies on the "More info about cookies" page
  • Cookies are renewed when entering homepage
  • Added cookie expiration date to settings page

3rd October 2023

  • Fixed problems detected with W3C validator on the home page
  • Fixed broken downloads batch file
  • Notifications about comments now go through [email protected] e-mail
  • Fixed wrong title, when moderating comments
  • Fixed broken feedback section
  • Fixed problems related to deleting comments
  • Fixed various PHP related errors/warnings, which appeared when logging in with a feedback account

16th September 2023

  • Removed frequently asked questiosn from navigation bar (moved to website)

9th September 2023

  • Added sans-serif as a failsafe font to MarkusTegelane+ page
  • Fixed thumbnail sources on MarkusTegelane+ and #markusTegelane pages
  • Fixed some thumbnails not appearing on latest videos pages

6th August 2023

  • Channel database only on site (updated link on home page)
  • Markus' stuff page now only on site (updated link on homepage)

5th August 2023

  • Added a message about expiring domain to

28th July 2023

  • Custom page for HTTP code 410 (Gone)

25th July 2023

  • Improved random page button
  • Fixed a typo in the English version of the web site

24th July 2023

  • New button designs for comments
  • Updated additional info/download button design
  • Added the missing home page link to the minimal theme
  • The website maintenance page is now displayed automatically if the maintenance.txt file is placed in the root directory or if databases are corrupted
  • Updated "Connection is not secure" page
  • Updated "Wrong username/password" page
  • Swapped channel database and order

23rd July 2023

  • Fixed "Markus' stuff: NeoSpaghetti" download link
  • Ability to skip to main content using tab key (accessibility feature for keyboard only users)
  • Added link to home page
  • Changed home page layout
  • Style bug fixes on the feedback page
  • Background image added to minimal theme
  • Random button for minimal theme
  • Ability to change links in manager account settings
  • Submenus in minimal theme
  • Minimal theme is now the default theme
  • Various bug fixes related to the minimal theme
  • Minimal theme updates
  • Working modal dialogs in the minimal theme
  • Experimental theme was renamed - new name "Minimal"
  • Better XSS protection in the login form

7th July 2023

  • Changed year on the home page
  • Modified channel database link on the home page
  • Fixed old channel database view

23rd May 2023

  • New graphics related to Markus' stuff logo change

28th January 2023

  • Game graphics options in settings
  • Added an ability to disable sound effects and music in games

20th January 2023

  • MarkusTegelane Lite was renamed. The new name is MarkusTegelane+ (references to the channel were modified)

16th January 2023

8th January 2023

  • Fixed a bug in the channel database, where if certain cookies were empty, a PHP error message was displayed

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